Towing Service Wisconsin 50th Anniversary

The Wisconsin Towing Service was established in 1967 as a branch of Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association with the aim of expressing the interests of towing operators within the state. The latter is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of trucks and coach owners within Wisconsin. The association has over 1000 members all of whom are independent contractors in addition to a truck company. The organization has managed to offer pertinent advice on towing West Allis WI for all those decades by following a set code of ethics.

Wisconsin Towing Association Code of Ethics

• Promotion of general feeling of friendliness, understanding, and cooperation among its members

• Prevention of fraud by or against its staff members

• Provision of high-quality services to improve standards in the towing industry in addition to seeking the advancement of its members in the industry

• Promotion of friendliness, cooperation, and confidence among commercial motor vehicle operators, motoring public, and other highway users including the towing and recovery industry within the state.

• Institution of reform within the industry

• Helping in the promotion of the highway safety when it comes to towing service Wisconsin

• Cooperation with any other association that has similar objectives

The Wisconsin Towing Association Tow Show and Convention

On Father’s Day weekend in June 2017, the association held a tow show and convention to mark its 50th anniversary. The show, held at the Chula Vista Resort, had several sponsors categorized as bronze, silver, and gold sponsors. Here are some of the benefits of this annual event. You should participate in it because of the following reasons.

Benefits of Holding the Show

Other than marking the association’s 50th anniversary, the convention also created a suitable platform for peers to meet and educate each other on important issues in the industry. Remember, connecting with fellow towers who understand what you go through on a daily basis as you are trying to earn your daily bread is an excellent idea. It also acts as a good way of sharing business experiences including how to improve the industry.

During the three days even, manufacturers and suppliers got a suitable platform to display their products i.e. those used in the towing and recovery industry. Various exhibitors were given an opportunity to display their products. They explained the value their equipment added to the service industry. There were 120 exhibitors on a 35, 000sq ft. area and 300,000 guests present for the convention.

Safety Assurance

Companies dealing in Towing West Allis WI work in association with the Wisconsin Council of Safety Supervisors with the aim of ensuring safety within the states motor carrier association. The council members comprises of personnel supervisors who are regulated for hire in Wisconsin and the surrounding areas. Additionally, the safety council ensures that there is a safety forum within the community where safety information and education is exchanged. The council also involves itself in sponsoring safety programs and other related activities within the industry.

In conclusion, the towing association comprises of towing companies that want to provide quality services within the industry. Operating under same code of conduct, the companies have managed to change the face of towing industry in Wisconsin while at the same time helping each other achieve better results.