Born and raised in Wisconsin, I am first and foremost, a family man. I’m also a long-distance trucker who has been driving big rigs for twenty-two years. My fascination with trucks began when my mother took me to the Racine County fairgrounds to see a monster truck rally. Since that day, I’ve spent nearly every day working or driving trucks.

On top of being a top-notch truck driver, I’m also an expert chef. My job leads me to work strange hours. Because of that, I’ve always cooked for myself. Within this blog, I’ll include a few recipes of my own and helpful advice on using smokers, Dutch ovens, and charcoal grills.

Chicken Veronique is one of my favorite dishes in the world. The mix of white grapes and orange marmalade provides a perfect blend of savory and sweet. With Veronique being the name of my favorite food dish and Van Uffelen being my last name, it only seemed right that my blog should be called Van Uffelen Veronique. A trucker that cooks, now that’s a match made in heaven.

Jacob Van Uffelen