Finding the right tow truck company after a car accident or breakdown

It may be a nightmare when your car breaks down on the roadside or gets involved in an accident. It becomes more frustrating when you have to take much time trying to find a reliable car service. You can be vulnerable to deceptive schemes especially from the tow truck operators who appear at the scene ready to help after an accident. Here are some of the guidelines to consider before calling a towing company and avoid being a victim to deceptive tow truck company.

Insurance coverage

Your insurance policy may cover your towing vehicle if you had an accident or breakdown depending on the situation. Some insurance companies may prefer the towing companies they use. You should therefore contact your insurance company or third party before calling a tow truck.

Reputation of the tow company

It is important to consider the reputation when selecting the right tow truck company for your vehicle. Do a research and ascertain how the company has been providing its services to previous customers. You can inquire from friends and family for referrals.

Ask for credentials

A reliable towing company must be licensed and certified to do the work they do. Inquire also about the certifications their technicians have and if they are insured. This will help you ascertain the quality of service you expect therein.

Inquire about the forms of payment

Not every tow truck company accepts all payment forms. You need to ask them the types of payment they accept up front and if their labor is covered under warranty. This will help avoid confusion at a later time.

Type of tow truck

Some types of tow truck are better than others. Hook and chain tow trucks are likely to cause damage to your vehicle in case of a collision. You should therefore the company if they have the tow truck that will tow your vehicle safely and securely.

Get a receipt from the tow truck company

Get your invoice along with a receipt after the work has been completed. Verify them to ensure the bills are only for the services you have authorized.