Top 6 Chicken Restaurants in Milwaukee WI

As a Wisconsin truck driver, I’m always looking for tasty restaurants where I can get a wholesome meal without any fuss. I tend to cook for myself a lot, but sometimes I want a delicious meal after spending days in the rig.

Chicken restaurants are one of my favorites because chicken is lean, full of protein, and always tasty. I like to use chicken as my main source of protein because it’s easy, delicious, and reasonably healthy.

We have so many great chicken restaurants in Milwaukee that offer delicious, organic meals that you can get fast. I made a list of my 6 favorite local chicken restaurants that you have to try next time you’re in the Milwaukee area.


Maxie’s is a Cajun inspired restaurant close to West Allis, Wisconsin. They’re a neighborhood favorite with a simple menu full of New Orleans-inspired favorites. Personally, I like the buttermilk fried chicken meal! It comes served with mashed potatoes, gravy, maple-braised collard greens, and an orange-honey butter biscuit. It comes family style with 4 or 8 pieces of chicken so it’s perfect to share.

I also enjoy the grilled or blackened chicken Po’ Boy when I’m looking for something a little lighter. You can get the sandwich with a side of their vegetable of the day, and you’ve got a great healthy lunch or dinner.

Maxie’s also offers online ordering for curbside pickup. You can easily pick it up to go if you’re like me and want a great meal on the road.


TomKen’s is a West Allis, Wisconsin fried chicken restaurant that’s another Milwaukee favorite! Family and friends of mine love this restaurant as much as I do. The food and service are top notch! You can also order online for carryout using their easy website.

At TomKen’s, you can order 6 to 18 wings or 8-to-20-piece fried chicken buckets! These larger options can please a crowd with the amount of food and delicious flavor. One of my personal favorites is the Famous Friendly Dinner: it’s a half chicken fried and served with french fries, coleslaw, and bread. It’s not only delicious, it’s also affordable at just $9.75.

I love TomKen’s because it’s a great eating spot that never skips on good food and good service. Don’t let the simple exterior of this building fool you! If you eat inside, you’ll be surprised at how lively it is.

Gold Rush Chicken

Gold Rush Chicken is a classic restaurant here in Milwaukee! This family-owned restaurant exclusively offers carryout and delivery of the some of the finest fried chicken in Wisconsin. You can order buckets of fried chicken, chicken tenders, burgers, seafood, and desserts. There’s a reason this restaurant has been popular in Milwaukee for over 65 years.

I love to place an order of chicken to have delivered when I pull back in after a long time out on the road. The fried chicken is always super crispy, and the sides are delicious with a ton of options. I always go for the potato salad, coleslaw, and fried mushrooms. Gold Rush Chicken is the perfect way to get settled in at home!

Gold Rush Chicken offers a ton of deals too! There’s always a special going on, so you can always eat well at Gold Rush if you’re on a budget.

Who’s on Third

Located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Who’s on Third is a delicious local restaurant known for their wings, chicken tenders, and amazing chicken sandwiches. Who’s on Third is a favorite for locals and tourists alike. My family and I love to come down to Who’s on Third when we’re in downtown Milwaukee and want a meal that’s always delicious and affordable.

Who’s on Third offers loads of tasty lunch and dinner options that are sure to please anyone. They have several different chicken sandwich & wrap options, along with wings and tenders that never fail to be delicious!

I’m a huge fan of the blackened chicken sandwich. It’s a huge sandwich stuffed with delicious Cajun blackened chicken topped with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, chipotle jack cheese and a spicy sriracha mayo on a brioche bun. I like to get it with a side of Wisconsin cheese curds—it’s one of my favorites.

Jojo’s Fried Chicken

Jojo’s Fried Chicken started as a food truck but has now expanded into its own restaurant. It’s since become a favorite for locals because it’s hot, tasty, and super easy to pick up. The food is consistently delicious and there are always awesome deals available.

The chicken at Jojo’s is expertly breaded and fried to perfection. You can order trays of chicken that come with sides, or order dinners a la carte. Jojo’s also offers BBQ chicken too for those who prefer a lighter chicken. They even offer wings, burgers, subs, and seafood so the whole family is satisfied.

One of my personal favorites is the BBQ chicken dinner with a side of fried okra. It’s a delicious dinner from a restaurant that’s becoming well-known in Milwaukee fast.

Crafty Cow

Last on this list is the Crafty Cow, formerly known as Mad Chicken. This restaurant still specializes in delicious fried chicken meals, though now they offer burgers too. There are locations in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and Oconomowoc.

What I love about Crafty Cow is that they offer Asian-inspired wings, chicken sandwiches, and fried chicken plates that are incredibly flavorful. Their spin on chicken dishes is a good way to switch up the usual dinner.

My go-to orders are the Korean barbecue chicken wings and Nashville hot fancy chicken sandwich. Crafty Cow offers a variety of spice levels and different options for their chicken options, so you’ll want to come back time and time again.

You can easily order online for pick-up and take it on the go with you—that’s one of my favorite things to do before or after jobs.

The Takeaway
These 6 restaurants are my favorite spots to order chicken around the Milwaukee area. They offer a wide range of options but there’s one thing they all have in common, which is delicious chicken. Let me know if you try one!